Separation and Family Property Agreements

In Edmonton, Alberta, separation and family/matrimonial property agreements are essential legal documents that help couples legally separate and divide their assets and property. These agreements are important as they provide clarity and certainty for both parties, making the separation process less stressful and more efficient.

At Jomha Skrobot LLP, we understand that separation and property division can be a complicated and emotionally charged process. Our priority is to provide our clients with compassionate and comprehensive legal services, ensuring they achieve the best possible outcome.

We offer the following services related to separation and family property agreements:

  1. Separation agreements: We provide expert legal advice and guidance on the drafting of separation agreements. Our lawyers work closely with clients to ensure that the agreement reflects their specific needs and circumstances. We strive to create an agreement that is fair and satisfactory for both parties.
  2. Property division: Our experienced lawyers can help clients navigate the complex process of dividing assets and liabilities. We work tirelessly to ensure that clients receive their fair share of property taking into account their specific circumstances and needs.
  3. Family/Matrimonial property agreements: We provide legal services related to drafting family/matrimonial property agreements. Our lawyers are experienced in creating agreements that are legally binding and reflect the unique needs and circumstances of each client.
  4. Spousal support: Our lawyers provide expert legal advice and representation on spousal support matters. We work to ensure that clients receive fair and reasonable support, taking into account their specific circumstances.

At Jomha Skrobot LLP, we understand the importance of providing clients with personalized and compassionate legal services. Our priority is to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome, and we are committed to providing the highest quality of service possible.

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